Do You Want To Reach The World With The Gospel? - Here's How

Repeating Yourself is Good Stewardship

From one preacher to another

When you minister in a small town, you don't meet many people.

And even if you serve a large community, you’re so busy it's easy to forget that there are billions of souls who never pass your way.

You know that your commission is to reach the world with the truth. What you know about Christ should be known by many, many others. But you don't know how to reach them.

The Sunday morning dilemma

As if the vastness of the world's population isn't enough, what about your care for those of your flock who are absent?

Some necessarily, like shut-ins, shift workers and students. They cannot come, though they'd like to be present for the delivery of fresh bread from heaven every week. How can you minister to these who have been faithful in the past, but who are providentially hindered from attending now, some for long periods of time, some at great distances from the church house?

You could set a cassette recorder on the pulpit to capture the worship service. But for every hour of tape, you have to buy another cassette, and spend another hour just to make one copy. And then you have to package it and send it along. Ten absentees means ten cassettes and ten hours or more of copying and ten more packages to mail. What if you have two or three or more services each week? You'd never get anything else done; and you'd hardly have time to prepare messages for the following week, not to mention visitation and correspondence.

Don't Forget the Strangers

And what about those who have come your way? Or those who are thinking about following along?

They have an interest in your message, albeit a small one. But who is to say that it isn't a seed of faith that needs a little watering? What if you could put in their hands more truth to meditate on in their own time, away from the pressures of formal meetings? What if you could engage them "anonymously", in a non-threatening manner?

Redeeming the time

You can minister to all these people.

You can speak more often, to more people, without taking more of your limited time, without spending fortunes that you do not have.

Time, space and money are limitations of humanity; and nobody knows that better than the preacher.

But if you could leverage the time that you already spend in study and sermon delivery, if somehow you could re-purpose your messages and get them to the absentees and inquirers, with no extra time involved on your part and with minimal expense, wouldn't that go a long way towards solving your problem?

The 2nd-best Solution

No, this is not the only solution. Nor would I suggest that it is the best solution. It may not be a solution for you.

But it is a solution. A solution that works. A solution that is working for many ministries. Perhaps the solution second only to actual in-person church attendance and face-to-face fellowship.

How it works

  • 1. Record your message.
  • 2. Edit your message.
  • 3. Transfer your message.
  • 4. Connect your message.
  • 5. Play your message.
That's right. Five simple steps.

You probably have much, if not all, of the equipment already. And the software is readily available for free.

Free web hosting for simple distribution is available for free, too.

In a short amount of time, with limited technical skills and for very low cost, you can offer your sermon audio to the missing masses via the internet.

Of course, this means that your listeners must be connected locally to the internet.

To get around that limitation, you need to ...

Cut The Cable and Double Your Outreach

EvangelApps Church provides independence from the wired internet; and opens up access to billions more souls traversing the earth with wireless devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Once you have sermon audio properly working on your website, our custom app can read that data and make it available to every device which has EvangelApps Church installed.

Now you can deliver your message to places where you can't go, to people who can't come to you.

24 hours a day / 7 days a week, wherever there's phone service, these intelligent gadgets can be your connection to the world.

Imagine … taking Christ’s gospel to the world, one phone at a time.

Contact us today to discover the next step

Whether you already record your messages or not, whether you already have a website or not, we’ll help you reach your goal of going into all the world with the gospel.

Without a lot of mumbo jumbo and computer-speak.

You’ll be able to consider prayerfully whether this is a ministry for you and your church.

Call or write today.

116 Vaughn Drive
Fayetteville, GA 30214
(678) 856-7302

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